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Studio Specifications

Studio 8:20 has two locations available for rent. They are both located in Waldorf MD.


Studio A: is a 1200/sf photo studio with 900 s/f shooting space located in Waldorf MD 12114 Ell Lane and offers an affordable, full service photography studio rental. The studio is also available for non-photographers as well. 


  1. Storage
  2. Waiting Area
  3. Dressing and Styling room
  4. Makeup Chair and Table
  5. AC/Heat
  6. Vinyl Flooring
  7. 2 Pully Systems
  8. Privacy
  9. Most of All, CLEAN

12742482-10205705081562379-7281834654603846215-n-81161.1456347301.jpg  20160515-141424-23337.1463339447.jpg


Studio B- 4500 Sqft which features a kitchen, mezzanine, 2 bathrooms, 30 ft ceilings, and much more

Amenities coming soon.


49599613-745840112459165-3134114541575602176-n.jpg  49845042-746438002399376-5959971802779222016-n.jpg  49826024-745840129125830-6583534237352198144-n.jpg


Call 240-270-7026/email: schedule a viewing 

You have the choice of the following between both studios: 


  1. (3) Alienbee lights ( 800w) 
  2. 1 Ringflash (Connects to camera)/1 Ring Light
  3. Softboxes and umbrellas- (3) 24 inch continuous light softboxes Square, (1) 70inch Octabox, (1) 27 inch Pop up softbox, 1 basic Umbrellas, (1) 36 inch Octabox, (2) Strip Boxes with Grid
  4. Beauty Dishes: 2 Beauty dishes (28inch) Silver with white diffusion sock
  5. Stands: (1) Tripod, (3) Chrome Turtle Base Heavy Duty stands (3) medium duty Lightstands, (4) Lightweight stands, (1) Reflector holder and (2)Boom stands (1) C-Stand arm
  6. Tethering Laptop Stand - Fits most laptops
  7. (2) Background paper pully system2 for 12 ft seamless paper 
  8. White walls
  9. Panels: Brick Wall Panel Backdrop, Stone Wall Panel Backdrop, White Wood Panel Backdrop, Vintage Wood Panel Backdrop
  10. (5)Extension cords / Tape
  11. Light Modifiers: (2 - 1 Black and White / 1 Black & Silver) 8ft vflat-foam core , (2 black and white) 3ft v-flat - foam core, 1 Reflector 
  12. (6) 10 feet Wide Background paper and stand: Thunder Gray, White, Black , Fashion Gray, Pink, Mocha - $15 per roll
  13. (9) 5ft Wide and Stand Background Paper: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Cocoa, Green, Purple, Fashion Gray, Pink (5 ft) 
  14. 4 Yongnuo Flashes: 1 TTL, 3 Wireless (Bring your own AA batteries)
  15. (6) Yongnuo Receivers: Canon and Nikon
  16. (2) Pocket Wizard Plus X
  17. (2) Fans - Floor Fan and Extendable standing fan
  18. (2) Barn Doors with filters and grid
  19. (1) Snoot with filters and grid
  20. (2) 4ft. Plexi style panels for glossy floor effect
  21. (1) Continuous Florescent Light panel
  22. (1) Rololight w/ barndoors
  23. Several Colored Gels
  24. (1) 60in Parabolic Umbrella (silver/black)


Note: If there is anything you would like to see in the studio that you did not see when you visited, please let us know and we will make every attempt to get it.

  • Quarterly Renter - (Registered Before 1 Feb)

    This section for clients that took advantage of the special rates in May. If you were not one of those clients and use this system, you will be charged the remaining amount owed.   Quarterly Policies in addition to STUDIO 8:20 studio-wide policies...

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