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Quarterly Renter - (Registered Before 1 Feb)

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This section for clients that took advantage of the special rates in May. If you were not one of those clients and use this system, you will be charged the remaining amount owed.


Quarterly Policies in addition to STUDIO 8:20 studio-wide policies.


Please see below for rental specifications dedicated to your special circumstances. These specifications are in addition to the attached Policies.
1. Rental Special will end 1 year from 1 Feb 2019. After, the regular rates will go into effect. At that point its expected that your clientele would have grown so much that the new rates will not affect you. Rental is paid in 3 month increments.
2. Payment is due on the first of each 3rd month with a 3 day grace period. Keep in mind that you will be unable to use the studio until payment is received.
3. (STUDIO B ONLY) There is a "paper fee" $20 to be paid each month. You can add this to your quarterly payments or pay separately. You are more than welcomed to bring your own paper and store it in the back, with your name on it (PREFERRED).
4. There will always be staff in the studio. They will be providing you with any equipment you need including making sure your paper is NOT being used by another renter.
5. You are more than welcomed to store your props. Please make sure they are organized in plastic containers with your name on them so that the studio assistant can assist faster. If your name is not on the containers, you will be unable to use them. Bigger props should be labeled with your name on them as well. There will also be an equipment list with your information and props listed on them for verification purposes.
6. You must provide your schedule each month. If there are no changes, state "no changes".
7. There are NO roll over hours. If you need to cancel as scheduled booking, you can try for another date if any are available.
8. You cannot split your hours with another renter. No exceptions.
9. We have decided to authorize a minimal 2hr slots instead of 4hrs.
10. Much of the equipment that has not been used by renters are being removed from the studio. You are more than welcomed to bring your own. We are planning to leave the lights. If you have your own lights, feel free to bring them. Some of the modifiers will be transferred as well.
11. You should be prepared to provide your own Batteries, extension cords, etc.
12. Remember to keep the studio clean for the next renter.
13. You are not allowed to have more than 8 guests at 1 time during a session. Please get permission if you expect to have more than 8 guests in attendance. There is a $50 charge for every 5 guests at a time.
14. If you require more hours within the month, you will be responsible for paying the market rate. If you go over your allotted time within 1 session, you will be charged the market rate. You will be unable to use the studio until that payment is receive in full.
15. You can change your me​mbership after the 3 months is over. All other packages do not require payment in full.